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10 Best Sitcoms of the '90s

Now that television seems to be hit or miss these days, debating the merits of sitcoms in the '90s tends to be a hot topic. Keep in mind that during that time, we didn't have DVRs or the ability to record live TV. We also didn't have the internet to keep our attention (or distract us, as the case may be). We tuned into our favorite shows, and did so with loyalty and love. Sure, we watched because there was no other medium vying for our eyeballs, but we came back week after week because the television during that decade was good. And it is sorely missed.

10. The Larry Sanders Show

Garry Shandling completely nailed the title character as an insecure, egocentric talk show host. Throw in brilliant performances by Rip Torn and Jeffrey Tambor, and you have true comedy. Beyond the obvious, the show also turned out to be a who's who of Hollywood, featuring countless actors who went on to have impressive careers (including Judd Apatow, Janeane Garofalo, Wallace Langham, Sarah Silverman, and Mary Lynn Rajskub.)

9. 3rd Rock From the Sun

The show was clever, and it also starred some extremely talented and experienced actors in John Lithgow (countless Broadway and film credits), and Jane Curtin (from Saturday Night Live to Kate & Allie to a hefty film career). Each of the main characters was crisp and well-conceived, and above all else, the show was really funny.

8. Home Improvement

The show seemed to be a staple in households across America when it was on the air. It managed to provide something for everyone in the home: a funny tool man for dads in Tim Allen, a down-to-earth and very real mom and wife in Patricia Richardson, and the three boys who had their own touching and downright funny storylines for the kids at home. It really won with everyone.