Radical LGBT Activist Chai Feldblum Renominated to EEOC

In 2010, conservative powerhouses like the Family Research Council, American Family Association, Liberty Counsel, and Traditional Values Coalition vigorously opposed the nomination of Chai Feldblum to a seat on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Their opposition to Feldblum in 2010 was based on the belief -- later proven correct -- that Feldblum would use her perch to radicalize conceptions of family, gender, and who should be in which bathroom.

So what about in 2017?

Feldblum has been renominated for an EEOC slot as part of a package deal, and those who know Feldblum best are saying that Republicans have been hoodwinked into renominating her.

Some Republicans, apparently including some inside the White House, think itโ€™s fine to put an activist radical on the EEOC in order to get two more Republicans confirmed to the EEOC.

But Feldblum is no ordinary radical. As one lawyer familiar with EEOC practice tells me, โ€œsheโ€™s worth three Republicansโ€ because of her radicalism and willingness to fight to transform notions of gender, family, and life.

Paul Mirengoff aptly points out at Powerline:

It seems obvious that getting a GOP majority on the EEOC a couple of months early is not worth five more years of Chai Feldblum, plus the likelihood that she will become Chair of the Commission if Democrats win the presidency in 2020. Itโ€™s not even close.

So who is Chai Feldblum, and how did we arrive at a point where an activist left-wing radical was appointed by the president for a commission that has the power to interfere with small businesses' freedom?

Feldblum is the ideological architect of all of the most radical LGBTWHATEVER agenda items of the Obama presidency: transvestites in girls locker rooms, lawless expansion of federal employment oversight, you name it.

So why would Feldblum be renominated?

There is backstory on Feldblum that hasnโ€™t been fully reported. All of the normal clearance and vetting procedures usually used for Senate-confirmed nominees were short-circuited. Her nomination was rushed through the Senate HELP Committee. Feldblum even bragged to some that her goal was to trick Republicans before they knew what was happening.

The goal was to get Feldblumโ€™s nomination in front of the Senate as fast as possible. Why would Republicans play along?

The answer: To get the EEOC nominations of Republicans Janet Dhillion and Daniel Gade confirmed, which highlights a curious connection in this saga we will revisit in a moment.

Getting Dhillon and Gade confirmed were seen as the most important goals. Keeping a radical activist off the commission -- one who has bent concepts of gender and was the author of the most extreme transgender policies of the Obama era -- was not considered to be as important as getting Dhillon and Gade on the Commission.