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Just Go: Rod Rosenstein Becomes Marvin K. Mooney

This week, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has become Marvin K. Mooney – the bewildered unwanted Dr. Seuss character.  “The time has come,” Seuss wrote of Mooney, “the time is now. Just go, go, go, I don’t care how.”

The raid on President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, was the last straw for many Republicans in Congress and around the country.   As I noted last night on The Story With Martha MacCallum, “the attorney client privilege is supposed to be treasured and special and almost sacrosanct.”

This is another example of the Left criminalizing political differences.  Raiding a lawyer’s home and office could not have happened without Rod Rosenstein being involved and approving the action.  All of the speech regulating campaign finance zealots had been advocating opening up this front against Trump - by targeting his lawyer for campaign finance violations - and Rosenstein must have acquiesced.

Oh, and where is the criminal defense bar and the trial lawyer bar who were so noisy and nasty in the Bush era whenever the attorney client relationship was threatened?  Where is the ill named Center for Constitutional Rights, or all the defenders of attorney Lynne Stewart?

So Rosenstein has worn out his welcome, and the question is how will he go?

The large orange hand had lots of suggestions how to go for Marvin K. Mooney.  “You can go on skates, you can go on skis, you can go in a hat, but please go, please.”

Rosenstein can go by being fired by President Trump.  The President hired and appointed Rosenstein and the President can fire him. Rod Rosenstein can also go by being fired by the Attorney General.

Or, maybe, just maybe, Rosenstein go on his own, like Marvin K. Mooney.  “The time had come, so Marvin went.”  Perhaps Rosenstein wouldn’t know what to do considering he’s worked for the government almost continuously for decades.

If President Trump fired him, Rosenstein could fall into the loving arms of the left-wing mainstream media like James Comey has.  And if the disgraced and criminal contemptuous Eric Holder could get a job at a big law firm, I’d wager so could Rosenstein.

Former Justice Department lawyers who have known Rosenstein for years paint a picture of a fellow who aims to please… please Democrats.  Remember, Rosenstein survived the Obama era as Obama’s U.S. Attorney in Maryland.  The ability – or willingness – to serve in a political position during the radical era of Obama tells you most of what you need to know about Rod Rosenstein.

What you might not know is how deputies in his office have been running interference for Democrats and the worst enemies of President Trump.  Threats, bluster and phony nonpartisanship have characterized their tenure.  One political appointee or Rosenstein’s was actually a “Soros Fellow,” in a Trump presidency!