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Canceled Election? Six Critical Coronavirus Questions Answered

Americans have asked unanswerable questions this week.

Who will win March Madness 2020? What is it like to participate in my college graduation? Why toilet paper of all things?

There are other questions that we can answer. The hard reality of history has thrown the world, unwilling, right into the deep end of the pool.

Of course, none of this is new. It’s the one thing you can always count on – history never ends, and civilization is never an accident. Let’s confront some of the more answerable questions.

Will the November election be canceled?

No. The United States conducted a federal election in the middle of an undecided Civil War. And make no mistake, the outcome of the war still hung in the balance in the fall of 1864. There will be an election this year. The bigger danger is what it looks like.

The left never allows a crisis to go to waste. That’s why you will hear a steady drumbeat from election-process radicals like the ACLU and Hillary’s lawyer, Marc Elias, to impose federal mandates to conduct an all-mail federal election.

We have to resist all-mail elections with the same zeal we are fighting the coronavirus. Mail balloting is the single biggest invitation to voter fraud. Plus, who wants all those licked envelopes being picked up by the mailman before he delivers your mail?

Mail ballots combine the very worst forms of elections. They combine human-marked paper ballots with a total lack of election oversight. Democrats love mail ballots because it empowers vote harvesters.

When I was at the Justice Department, I litigated and won the case United States v. Ike Brown. The case was noteworthy for many reasons, not the least of which was the role paper mail ballots played in advancing a voter fraud scheme. Go ahead and read the opinion if you dare. I doubt anyone who does will come away thinking all-mail ballots are a good thing.

Mail ballots were the tool that wrongdoers used to manipulate the elections in Noxubee County, Mississippi. The vulnerable lost the right to vote their ballots themselves. Of course, this goes a long way to explain the frenzy toward all-mail balloting by the left and some congressional Democrats and their lawyers.

Some just want to flex federal power over state elections. They lust for centralization and central control over elections. Now isn’t the time. Republicans should not be tricked. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell understands process and will most surely guard against a federal takeover of the method of state elections.

Concerned about coronavirus on Election Day? Instead of vote-by-mail, fund Lysol wipes, masks, and hand sanitizer for every polling place. Don’t grab state power over elections.

Is coronavirus a Chinese bioweapon gone haywire?

Admit it, you’ve wondered the same thing. Who can ignore the fact the virus first exploded in the shadow of China’s bioweapons research lab in Wuhan. The Zerohedge website has been on this for some time in great detail, opining that the Coronavirus is either a spontaneous mutation that jumped to humans from animals, or:

Chinese scientists failed to follow correct sanitation protocols possibly while in a rush during their boisterous holiday season, something that had been anticipated since the opening of the BSL-4 lab and has happened at least four times previously, and accidentally released this bio-engineered Wuhan Strain – likely created by scientists researching immunotherapy regimes against bat coronaviruses, who’ve already demonstrated the ability to perform every step necessary to bio-engineer the Wuhan Strain 2019-nCov – into their population, and now the world.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory. There is no conspiracy. The Chinese communist government is potentially the single actor. Our best bio-weapons scientists at Ft. Detrick in Maryland need to bore into this question. If the virus was manipulated to attain the bizarre characteristics it has, we need to know.

How the hell did the United States allow our pharmaceutical manufacturing to move to China?

If the coronavirus did anything, it validated the premise of the entire Trump presidency, namely, America is weaker with lax borders and with American manufacturing moved overseas.

Just look at this headline in the UK Independent: Beijing threatens to halt supply of medicine amid coronavirus crisis. Read it again. And again.

Why did American drug manufacturing go to China? The same can be said for all medical devices, and I’ll throw in computer technology for good measure.

Almost all active pharmaceutical ingredient production is now done in communist China and India.

Environmental laws contributed to the exodus of American pharmaceutical manufacturing jobs. They do things differently in China. Chinese factories aren’t like American factories, and sometimes it blows up. Consider heparin, a key ingredient in a number of critical drugs. Sourced from pig parts, the Chinese produced contaminated heparin and then tried to hide the mess.

When the United States was negotiating with the Communist regime to place FDA inspectors inside China, Zheng Xiaoyu, the head of the Chinese version of the FDA, was tried and executed for taking bribes. That should have reminded us who was across the negotiating table.

Until Trump, four straight American presidents were happy to cozy up to China, all in the name of cheap products. Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama and their pals at the United States Chamber all sang from the same songbook when it came to China.

Read that headline from the Independent again. Shame on you all.

If the coronavirus teaches us anything it is that sometimes low prices aren’t all that matter. Free trade is great, until it means funerals by livestream and not enough room for the bodies.

Now do you understand why we have guns?

Like the majority of Americans, I own firearms. Sometimes I even carry them concealed. Over the years, too many have said they aren’t comfortable owning guns. I wouldn’t be comfortable not owning them now, especially if I lived in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia isn’t going to enforce laws against many crimes. Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw – yes, that’s really her name – announced that criminals and gangsters are going to get a pass in a city already deep the battle between civilization and lawlessness. On Outlaw’s exempt list: theft from persons (also known as robbery), burglary (breaking into someone’s home by force), car theft, and vandalism all get a pass.

There’s no better place to be a criminal right now than the City of Brotherly Love. There is no worse place to be a law-abiding citizen without a firearm than Philadelphia. If that’s you, sleep with one eye open and a kitchen knife by the bed these next few months.

Is this the end of millennial snowflake-ism?

The Founders knew, as do most gun owners, history doesn’t stop. Civilization is always a few clicks away from not-civilization. Millennials especially lack this awareness. They don’t even remember 9-11, our last brush with this inescapable axiom of human experience. They’ve been told the future is always brighter, bigger and safer. They give away their personal data and photos without care, and safety and comfort poll highest on their list of priorities.

They are the snowflake generation.

I visited a grocery store recently and saw older people buying bags of pasta and rice, flour and oil and salt. They were bulking up to survive. I watched twenty-somethings buying premade salads and yogurt. Sure, maybe they were really preppers and were just in the mood for salad. But I doubt it.

What will they do now that they can’t get weekend brunch?

We’ve seen things we thought we’d never see in America. Meat departments look like Warsaw in 1966. Who wouldn’t remember the Communist era’s runs on toilet paper, except perhaps millennials buying salad.

Polls show millennials aren’t that into God, patriotism or having kids. It’s not like those three things had anything to do with preserving civilization for the last 6,000 years, so chill. It’s pandemic party time in the Bahamas.

Is this the end of beards?

It is no accident that Benjamin Harrison was the last American president to sport a beard. The reason beards lost popularity is because they transmitted disease and the public health service engaged in a nationwide campaign against beards to stop the spread of tuberculosis. As Leyla Mei blogged in “Your Beard is Full of Tuberculosis:”

In 1903, an editorial in Harper’s Weekly commented on the “passing of the beard,” noting that “the theory of science is that the beard is infected with the germs of tuberculosis.” Writing in the same magazine four years later, an observer remarked upon the “revolt against the whisker” that “has run like wild-fire over the land.” By the 1920s, the elaborate fashions of the Victorian era were nowhere in evidence.

The mechanics are simple. Beards capture germs when someone sneezes or coughs. Those germs move more easily from person to person from beards. It’s why a nationwide campaign to fight influenza and tuberculosis targeted beards and other fashions, including long skirts that captured spit on sidewalks.

Like President James Garfield’s beard, coronavirus is likely to render many things obsolete. Regular elections run by states are never obsolete. That is part of our American system. Here’s hoping, like long floor-length dresses, the pandemic brings the end of relying on the Chinese communist regime for our good health.