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Trump at the March for Life Seals Irrelevancy of Never Trumpers

White House photo of Trump at March for Life.

Like Donald Trump, I attended my first March for Life this year. I didn’t march. Instead, I was there to record the faces and screams of the angry ugly left as I often do at these sorts of events.

Stunningly, the angry ugly left didn’t show up. That’s understandable because whenever the momentum is against the left, they ignore their opposition. I see this firsthand all the time when it comes to voter fraud and especially when racial discrimination is done by the traditional victims of discrimination.

What did become clear was that Never Trump Republicans looked even more ridiculous at the end of the March for Life than they did that morning.

Trump was embraced by the largest gathering of pro-life Americans and Trump embraced them. Trump at the March for Life:

Sadly, the far-left is actively working to erase our God-given rights, shut down faith-based charities, ban religious believers from the public square, and silence Americans who believe in the sanctity of life. They are coming after me because I am fighting for you and we are fighting for those who have no voice.

Never Trump Republicans can’t imagine a man like Trump attending the March for Life.

Never Trumpism is built on a foundation of sanctimony.

These sanctimonious few don’t like how Trump speaks. They don’t like his bombast. They don’t like his past. He’s not George Bush.

Get over it. He’s winning.

(Photo credit J. Christian Adams)

That he is not George Bush might be Trump’s greatest transgression to Never Trumpers. Much of the hatred is mercenary, as so many have suffered financially from the end of their consultancy gravy train.

But Trump actually attended the March for Life. If you don’t think that matters to the 100,000+ who marched, then you can’t judge prevailing winds.

Bush preferred to appear at the March for Life by satellite uplink. Two excuses are offered for his absence. First, if Bush actually appeared it might offend independent suburban soccer moms. That’s what Steelers coach Mike Tomlin calls “living in your fears,” and the Bush White House elevated it to a PR strategy. Second, handlers didn’t want Bush to be seen in a picture with someone who might be a kooky abortion protester, or worse.

That says a lot about what some thought about the movement.

Let’s get this straight. I’m a fan of George Bush. America has been blessed with presidents who were the right men for their time, like Bush. But the excuses don’t ring true with the people who march, especially after Trump appeared. The slavish worship of the independent soccer mom has been rendered forever obsolete by the successful base-driven politics of Obama and now Trump.

The middle is gone, and that also rattles the Never Trumpers.

What’s also striking about the Never Trumpers is how their hatred resembles a pathology, like some deep raw childhood memory. Trump is their aunt’s cat who used to viciously scratch them each visit.  Trump is the playground bully who threw the football at their face. Trump is the twisted cousin who made you look at his dead animals in jars hidden in the back shed. He’s the bogeyman of their nightmares.

It all wells up in them, decades later, in outbursts, fears, and rage. It’s unhinged.

(Photo credit J. Christian Adams)

Among the worst Never Trumpers are the sanctimonious pinhead academics. They’ll always have a reason in the corner of some treatise or textbook they wrote to prove Trump is Mussolini. They are at once laughable but also pathetic because their audience is mostly confined to captive students and fellow professors.

They form pop-up outrage websites with sanctimonious names: Checks and Balances. The Lincoln Project. The Bulwark.

The media, also full of hatred for Trump, portray them as genuine conservatives even though many of us know better and know of their sabotage of conservative initiatives during the Bush administration.

We remember their aggressive efforts to dilute opposition to race-based preferences, their insistence on excessive restraint in reversing or even curtailing new environmental regulations, and their obsession with subordinating conservative principles to racial diversity in judicial appointments. So many of today’s most outspoken Never Trumpers are afraid of not being invited to the coolest cocktail hours or not being embraced by the federal establishment that is so integral to the swamp.

Yet it seems Never Trumpers don’t get out much in the real world. When you drive through parts of post-industrial America, you see Trump flags flying in suburban neighborhoods. You see the word “Trump” painted on the side of buildings and barns. It’s shocking, frankly, and I’ve never seen anything like it in my lifetime. This happens in places like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Maybe the Never Trumpers don’t like to associate with so many folks who didn’t graduate from Yale.

But the March for Life was a watershed moment — not only for Trump but any Republican foes remaining.

The Never Trumpers first told us in 2016 that Trump was a Manhattan liberal. Then they told us he really wouldn’t pick good judges. Then they told us he really wouldn’t deregulate the economy. They told us he really wouldn’t be on the right side of race, voting, and culture. They told us he would start World War Three. They told us Trump really wouldn’t enact pro-life policies.

Then Trump gave the pro-life movement the heft of the presidency on a cold January afternoon.

Never Trumpers have been crying wolf since the 2016 GOP primaries. They are a modern Millerite doomsday cult. It’s time nobody takes them seriously.

(photo credit J. Christian Adams)