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Defending Virginia Governor Ralph 'KKK' Northam

We still don’t know: did Virginia Governor Ralph Northam dress up in Klan garb, or is he the fellow in blackface? One thing we do know is that if photos of any Republican surfaced wearing either, they would have already resigned five or six times.

Ask former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott. All he did is toast a 100-year-old senator from South Carolina on his birthday. Lott committed the unpardonable sin of lightheartedly suggesting that, had the country voted for Strom Thurmond for president, the country would be better off today.

It was an old man’s birthday. Lott never mentioned race. Strom smiled. And in a flash, Lott was gone.

There was no charity when it came to Trent Lott. He praised Strom Thurmond’s career, and that was that. Worst of all, Lott was a Republican. We'll see shortly how important partisan affiliation is when distributing mercy and charity.

Ralph Northam declared war on white supremacists in 2018. In 1984, he may have been dressing like one.

Does the passage of time warrant a defense of Northam today? On one hand, charity, compassion, and mercy might color the black and white photos from 1984. The Ralph Northam of 1984 is different from the Ralph Northam of today, so the defense goes. A life has many moments of private redemption and reconciliation, and perhaps he is better because of those moments.

But charity and mercy aren’t what will fuel the defense of the Virginia governor. Charity and mercy give way to a more important theology in Northam’s party: leftist ideology and support of abortion.

What a week it was for Governor Northam. Just before photos of his Nathan Bedford Forrest impersonation were revealed, Northam was busy staking out the most radical position possible on infanticide.

Abortion after birth? Not until the doctor and mother have had time to consult while the struggling newborn is "kept comfortable.”

In the Democratic Party, that’s called reproductive rights.

In his extraordinary statements on pre- and post-birth abortion, Northam has secured his defense. Who needs mercy and charity when he’s already all-in on the NARAL agenda? Political ideology masquerading as forgiveness will carry Northam through with Virginia Democrats.

Three cheers for reproductive justice. It’s such an intoxicating theology for Democrats that it may even absolve blackface and KKK garb.

Both United States senators from Virginia have announced their support for Northam. Just a few days ago, old photos of Florida Secretary of State Mike Ertel in blackface emerged and Ertel was gone before the cock crowed.

Trent Lott and Mike Ertel weren’t the only victims of this crazy irrational disparate treatment over race. Meet, once again, federal court nominee Tom Farr.

Mr. Farr is a distinguished lawyer from Raleigh. President Trump appointed him to the federal bench in North Carolina. Farr has done more to get Republicans elected than just about anyone within 300 miles of Raleigh. He defended North Carolina’s election integrity laws, and for that the vocal racial left targeted Farr.