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Hollywood Left and Never-Trumpers Unite to Hound President

Some of the worst monsters of the 20th Century practiced civility, were extraordinarily courteous, and were well-respected by all the important people.

It seems Americans would rather have someone who will defend the Constitution over the courteous fellow who lacks a fighting spirit. This preference for a fighter goes a long way in explaining why Donald Trump is the president and why candidates like Brian Kemp cruised to victory in Georgia’s gubernatorial primary last night.

It might also explain why Never-Trumpers like Max Boot have become so unraveled.

Boot’s latest folly is to team up with the most militant nuts of the institutional Left -- Rob Reiner and Obama's Director of National Intelligence James Clapper -- to launch a seedy get-Trump effort called “Investigate Russia.”

Think about that. Someone who climbed through the ranks claiming to be a conservative has now teamed up with Rob Reiner to hound a Republican president. Meathead and Max, together chasing Vladimir.

"Investigate Russia" is a one-stop shop for Trump-hatred:

All relevant information is aggregated in one place to provide context and allow users to see the full picture of what Russia has done and will continue to do unless we start paying closer attention. For generations, people have fought to protect democracy. Now it is our turn.

Now it's "their turn." Useful idiots can be quite useful, especially conservative useful idiots.

Oh, but Boot “didn’t leave conservatism, conservatives left conservatism,” Never-Trumpers like Boot will howl. Boot’s forthcoming -- and likely barely read -- book sanctimoniously pushes this narrative of conservative betrayal. People who disagree with Boot are "bottom feeders"; those in Boot's camp are of course thoughtful and measured. Boot reflexively rolls out William F. Buckley to vouch for himself: it’s William F. Buckley who would be outraged! It’s William F. Buckley who would say Boot’s pathologies aren’t pathologies! It’s the Gospel according to Buckley, according to Boot, that makes Boot’s obsession about Donald Trump okay. From beyond the grave, Buckley says so.

Really? Let’s check that premise.

Donald Trump may be the best friend of Israel that has ever occupied the White House. Trump gave permanent legitimacy to the Jewish state in a way that no prior president had the courage to do in moving the American embassy to Jerusalem. Trump is a genuine friend of Israel, and took intelligence obtained by the Mossad to cancel Obama’s shameful Iranian nuclear agreement -- an agreement that threatened the existence of Israel while simultaneously pumping planeloads of hard currency into Iran.

Trump has appointed extraordinary judges to the federal bench, including Justice Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy. Comparing the record of appointments under George W. Bush with Trump is an exercise for another day, but Trump’s appointments have shown an exceptional zeal to defend the Constitution.