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DOJ Inspector General Finding: McCabe 'Lacked Candor' Under Oath

The report from the Department of Justice inspector general on Andrew McCabe is out. It concludes that McCabe repeatedly lacked candor and leaked materials to the Wall Street Journal that he was not authorized to leak. All of this comes on a day when President Trump pardoned Scooter Libby after his conviction for lying, citing evidence that Department of Justice prosecutors withheld evidence from a witness that affected her testimony.

The IG concludes that McCabe didn't tell the truth to James Comey about leaks:

We found that, in a conversation with then-Director Comey shortly after the WSJ article was published, McCabe lacked candor when he told Comey, or made statements that led Comey to believe, that McCabe had not authorized the disclosure and did not know who did. This conduct violated FBI Offense Code 2.5 (Lack of Candor – No Oath).

Afterward, under oath, McCabe again wasn't forthcoming:

We also found that on May 9, 2017, when questioned under oath by FBI agents from INSD, McCabe lacked candor when he told the agents that he had not authorized the disclosure to the WSJ and did not know who did. This conduct violated FBI Offense Code 2.6 (Lack of Candor – Under Oath).

Remember, General Mike Flynn wasn't even under oath when he spoke to FBI agents.

It gets worse for McCabe.