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Brett Kavanaugh Won by Fighting Back

Supporters of Brett Kavanuagh may have less in common with Kavanaugh’s foes than Senator John C. Calhoun had in common with abolitionist Senator Charles Sumner.  Sure, they differed over slavery, but their experiences of family, faith and culture, and their views of America had more in common than the cultural, religious and political chasm that now divides us.

That’s why Kavanaugh’s second appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee not only shattered the coordinated onslaught of his opponents, but brought sharp focus elsewhere.

Kavanaugh won because he fought back. Kavanaugh won because he was unwilling to suffer from the ritual defamation of the Left. He broke free from the traditional advice administration handlers give nominees -- to be deferential and measured to the senators -- and went after the Democrats and his opponents for what they are.

Ritual defamation has become the favorite tool of the institutional Left to advance policy.  If anyone stands up to the Left’s narrative -- whether it be voter fraud, race, life, or the purely ideological role of the mainstream media -- they are targeted for ritual defamation by Leftist organizations.

Truth doesn't matter when power is at risk.

Clarence Thomas experienced ritual defamation decades ago when he shattered the narrative that to be black was to be a race-obsessed liberal. Those of us who catalog and report on voter fraud have been subject to ritual defamation by the Left, who have called us “vote suppressors,” or worse. And nobody has experienced ritual defamation more than President Trump -- except now perhaps Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh represented a robust constitutionalist vision for the Court. That alone qualified him for destruction by any means necessary.

And try they did. Millions poured into the fight, from despicable advocates like the racialist Kristen Clarke of the Lawyers' Committee to the even more despicable Communist Party USA.

The opposition to Kavanaugh turned into a farce. Screaming rioters, handmaids, and even groups like the League of Women Voters opposed Kavanaugh because he once wrote a brief opposing racial discrimination in voting in Hawaii. You read that right.

Kavanaugh won Round One. So Democrats pushed Dr. Christine Blasey Ford into the limelight. For two weeks we were subjected to increasingly outlandish tales of gang rapes, and even tales of Kavanaugh and an accomplice dragging women into vehicles for attacks.

Ford cataloged to the committee an awful experience. She seemed broken by whatever happened to her. Things were looking bleak for Judge Kavanaugh.

Matt Schlapp even noted on Hannity’s Fox News show that other Republican presidents would have jettisoned Kavanaugh by then.

And then the worm turned.

Kavanaugh fought back.

He took on his Senate detractors without restraint. He pierced their ritual defamation by moving past the lies and going straight at the liars.