Five Things to Know About the Steve Bannon Smears

4. Truth Doesn't Matter in the Bannon Attacks

I challenge anyone to find one thing Bannon has said that is racist or anti-Semitic.

In all the time I've spent with him, not a single thing of that sort has come out of his mouth -- not even close.

Steve is simply not your normal political player. When we were both on a panel a year ago in September, Bannon quipped it was the first time he had "long pants on since Memorial Day."  Tsk tsk! You don't say things like that inside the Beltway! Bannon might break the mold, but he's no racist.


5. Out with the Old, In with the New

Twenty years ago, the conservative media landscape looked very different. Bannon and others have ushered in nothing less than a revolution.

The Washington Post hardly matters at all anymore, and those legacy conservative forums matter far less. Is it a coincidence that some of them are hosting the most toxic attacks on Bannon? Perhaps.

But you can't help but wonder if this is more about competitive advantage being sought by the publications who mattered a lot more before Steve Bannon and other conservative media sources supplanted the dominant players from two decades ago.