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Trump Destroys Elites' Assumptions: Autopsy of the 2012 'GOP Autopsy'

The elites look especially foolish this morning. I mean that out-of-touch crowd on the coasts, highly educated and highly annoying. Yesterday, reading Ron Radosh's piece "Whither the Republican Party After the Election" was grating. Today it is hilarious, like reading a Popular Mechanics article from 1953 talking about the coming flying cars and ovens that will make food from sawdust: "Hence, if Clinton’s victory is by a relatively small margin, I would not be surprised if the Trump campaign refuses to acknowledge the results."

Oh yes, that prediction almost came true -- but in reverse:

Will Trump be able to be magnanimous in accepting the election’s results and his defeat, like Richard Nixon did when JFK won, and Al Gore did after George W. Bush won the recount? After all, the worst epithet in Trump’s book is that someone is a loser. Thus, it may be very hard for Trump to accept that he actually is one. To avoid it, he will most likely double down on the narrative that he had actually won, but the election was stolen from him.

Ron, call your office -- Rachel Maddow has snatched your body.

The elites don't understand that voters vote based largely on emotions -- and there is nothing wrong with that.

Do they like the candidate? Do they feel the candidate fights for their values? Are they alienated by the direction of the country? In all three instances, voters in places like Saginaw, Altoona, and Oshkosh said yes to all three questions.

Meanwhile, elites in Manhattan and Palo Alto were screaming "no."

Finally, Trump might have also won the popular vote but for two things -- voter fraud and rational voting. A good lawyer friend in California voted for Gary Johnson because his vote didn't matter. Had he been in Virginia, he would have voted for Trump.

Trump also lost the noncitizen vote by a wide margin -- and yes, it exists.

The incoming Trump Justice Department must prioritize voter fraud prosecutions of the crimes that occurred yesterday and in early voting. It will shut up a lot of voter fraud deniers, and ensure that the behavior is deterred in his reelection.