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Trump Destroys Elites' Assumptions: Autopsy of the 2012 'GOP Autopsy'

We learned that the reactionary and rabid "Never Trump" movement might have been morally defensible in some hearts, but was an enormous strategic blunder.

Nobody looks sillier this morning than the turncoats who claimed to care about the federal judiciary and about reversing the damage and lawlessness the Left has caused, yet refused to vote for Trump. Except maybe Sally Bradshaw.

The other winner last night was conservative New Media.

Never again should anyone in the Republican party take the New York Times seriously.

Trump gave them the finger -- and won. Compare this with four years ago, when Mitt Romney wouldn't even appear on conservative talk radio.

Victory comes with an energized and polarized base, not by appealing to the legacy dead-tree media.

Steve Bannon: How delicious it was to see him on stage last night, needing a shave. I can remember the preposterous wailing about Bannon being appointed to the Trump campaign over the summer. In nearly every corner it was portrayed as a catastrophe. I knew it was masterful.  Lots of Trump staff contributed to this win, but Bannon brought an understanding of the new media environment, the modern media cycle, and the power of a slicing story to a messaging campaign. Bannon and others in the New Media have vowed to replace the importance of outlets like the New York Times.

As Andrew Brietbart told me, he sought to destroy them. Last night was a giant leap toward their irrelevance, especially in Republican politics.