Yes, Virginia, Aliens Are Registered or Voting… and in Pennsylvania, by the Thousands

PILF will issue a report Tuesday showing that thousands of ineligible felons and aliens were also on Philadelphia voter rolls, and that city officials don’t think there is a problem.  I’ll be testifying to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives about this very real problem.  From the forthcoming report:

Dozens of aliens have voted in past elections in Philadelphia, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Most aliens get registered through Motor Voter.  Election officials in Philadelphia take no proactive steps to prevent or remove alien registration.  Thousands of ineligible felons are on the rolls in Philadelphia and the election officials do nothing about it and don’t even think it’s a problem.

It is illegal for a convicted felon who is incarcerated or in a halfway house to vote in Pennsylvania. Yet the lists of eligible voters in Philadelphia, and probably across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, contain the names of thousands of ineligible felons. No effort whatsoever is made to either remove these registrations or even annotate the record in case an absentee ballot request is made. 

Remember, felons in halfway houses are prohibited from casting a ballot, but nothing is in place to stop them from doing so. Moreover, absentee ballots are sent to prisons for non-felons or other accused criminals awaiting trial. Yet no steps are made to even obtain the list of convicted and incarcerated felons on Philadelphia’s voter rolls. None.

That means when the polls open in Philadelphia in November, the rolls will contain the names of hundreds, and more likely thousands, of incarcerated felons. Pennsylvania, naturally, is a state without voter ID.

Recall that a number of Philadelphia state legislators were convicted of accepting bribes to oppose voter ID laws.  Unfortunately a federal judge ruled that federal list maintenance obligations don’t require Philadelphia to remove ineligible felons from the rolls. That decision will be appealed. That doesn’t mean state and local officials are prevented from taking their job seriously in the meantime.

The forthcoming report also shows communications from aliens begging to be removed from the rolls over the course of several years, and indicating that they never registered to vote in the first place. The report reveals a mess in a city famous for election messes.

phildelphia-voter-fraud Government record of registrants removed from rolls for citizenship reasons.

So we rush into an election where a small sample of government records reveals that thousands of aliens easily registered to vote.  Some of them were caught by happenstance and accident. Election officials and their pals in the mainstream media do all they can to hide the facts, and when they can’t hide them, they do all they can to explain them away. Meanwhile, that American sense of justice and just doing things the right way seems lost, old fashioned, and, to the most radical, is "voter suppression."

Despite having the names of thousands of individuals who likely committed felonies gift-wrapped for them, expect prosecutors at the DOJ and state offices to do nothing.

There are highly paid professionals who are doing everythingthey can to preserve vulnerabilities in our elections that criminals are exploiting. Laziness can no longer explain it away. Something more dangerous is corroding our system.