Manipulating U.S. Elections: 10 Ways Voting Is Being Hacked by the Left

4. Felon re-enfranchisement

Convicted felons have traditionally had the franchise limited or eliminated. Those who cannot follow the country’s rules should have no say in creating them.

Witness what is going on in Virginia to learn the lawless lengths Democrats will go to give convicted criminals the right to vote. There is one reason the left has placed so much importance on felon voting -- it wins elections for the left.

Even some Republicans have been hoodwinked by the rhetoric. A felon who wishes to reintegrate into the political process should need to demonstrate repentance and a commitment to following the law.

But felon voting advocates don’t care much about redemption. They care about politics. Ex-cons vote for Democrats at astounding rates, approaching 9 to 1. Multiple presidential elections would have likely come out differently had felons enjoyed the right to vote. Felon voting advocates want Democrats to win elections, period.

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5. Mandatory Voter Registration

Soros-funded organizations seek to end voter registration. Voter registration takes forethought and initiative, something lacking in large segments of the Democrat base.

A variety of groups have pushed for what they call “automatic” voter registration. One would become registered to vote automatically if one appears on a government database somewhere -- such as a WIC recipient or other user of social services. Naturally, the federal government is the ideal home for such a system, and efforts are bubbling in Congress for a federal role in voter registration registries. Some states have even enacted mandatory voter registration.

Of course, voter registration plays an important role. It allows election officials to verify the identity of registrants, to place them in the correct precincts, and to ensure that duplicate registrations don’t exist.

These concerns, however, are considered nuisances to mandatory voting advocates.