Obama Plays Chicken with Merrick Garland Supreme Court Nomination

Don't be deceived. Garland may have rendered some unsurprisingly moderate opinions on criminal justice or Gitmo, but once on the Court he'll provide the final vote to preserve big government in areas such as deference to federal agencies and federal health care control. He will be a reliable fifth vote on transformational social issues, and he has already displayed hostility to Second Amendment rights.

Obama could have appointed a progressive radical or someone who would energize racial voting blocs this fall. Instead, Obama has started a game of chicken. He thinks Republicans will flinch first.  This time, Obama has misread them.

Senate Republicans have vowed that the next president must replace Scalia, not President Obama.  Recognition of the transformative damage that Obama has done to the rule of law may have come late to the Senate GOP, but at least it has come. Senate leaders have vowed to hold no hearings on Garland and have no votes, and for this decision, everyone who supports the Constitution and the limits on government should applaud them.