Donald Trump's Record of Business Failures and Bluster

Then there were Trump Steaks, reviewed as expensive foul slabs of meat at Naturally, like Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks have vanished. One reviewer might have been speaking to voters in 2016 when he said:

These burgers were tasteless loaded with fat and very messy to clean up after. Trump stated on the air that they were low in fat and would be helpful to anyone who is trying to watch their weight. This just is not the case they are so full of fat that the color of these burgers are white with a little pink. I am no stranger to Angus beef and high quality lean cuts of meat -- having a butcher in the family. I believe his burgers are not what they say they are.

Trump Steaks

In New Hampshire two weeks ago, Trump profanely threatened that if he is elected he would not only stop outsourcing jobs to China, but he would tell those CEOs who do so that they can go “f--- themselves.”

It’s hard to imagine South Carolina voters want a president who speaks like this.

What Trump didn’t tell the crowd was that his own line of Trump neckties is manufactured in … China. Trump’s profane boast is part of his “say anything” approach to the presidential race.