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Review: Holder Is 'Obama's Enforcer' of Racialist, Lawless DOJ Agenda

But the book isn’t just about sourcing the roots of Holder’s racialism. Plenty of straight-up corruption by Holder is documented. Consider online gaming.

The Justice Department nullified portions of the Interstate Wire Act to effectively allow online gambling. The law had been interpreted consistently for years, across administrations, to ban online lotteries – that was until December 23, 2011, when Holder delivered a Christmas present when nobody was watching and reinterpreted the law to permit online gaming.

So why? The book suggests one answer: Holder’s old law firm Covington and Burling, when it wasn’t helping Gitmo detainees for free, was representing clients like Lottomatica, a company that benefited from the new policy.  It didn't hurt that a top executive was a big donor to the Democratic Party either.

Such are the ways of gangster government.

The book goes on to catalog lawlessness and perjury by Justice Department officials – nearly all of them still working at the Department. It documents how Holder has transformed the public integrity units inside DOJ to extensions of the press affairs shop, using them to produce reports to provide political cover. Naturally, the authors describe how Holder is using the DOJ’s election units where I once worked to undermine election integrity, help Democrats win elections and provide powerful help to racial interest groups.

No other attorney general has behaved like Eric Holder has behaved. Even John Mitchell’s Watergate transgressions were a one-off. Mitchell was found guilty of conspiracy, obstruction and perjury relating to a single matter. Holder, on the other hand, has conspired to undermine the law and Constitution in dozens of ways, prevented and hindered numerous lawful inquiries, been properly found in contempt of Congress and has provided testimony at odds with the truth.

In short, Holder has institutionalized the kind of behavior that landed John Mitchell in prison. Mitchell had the decency to only do it once. Obama’s Enforcer details the dozens and dozens of lawless actions by this attorney general.

John Mitchell went to jail, but what will happen to Holder?  Odds are a big payday awaits him.  Expect Holder's old pals at a Washington D.C. law firm somewhere to offer a nice new position.  They should read Obama's Enforcer before they do to understand the sort of attention they'll be bringing to their firm.

If you want to hear the author discuss Holder’s lawlessness, the Cato Institute is sponsoring this free forum on June 12 at 4p.m. I’ll be offering commentary afterwards so click the link, sign up and see you there.