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Review: Holder Is 'Obama's Enforcer' of Racialist, Lawless DOJ Agenda


A catalog of government lawlessness is more discomforting to contemplate when the catalog is contemporary. We are all familiar with tales of mischief, corruption and abuse of power from other ages and in other places. We call it history. But the new book Obama’s Enforcer by Hans von Spakovsky and John Fund documents the rank lawlessness that has saturated Eric Holder’s Justice Department, and thus, the Obama presidency.

Von Spakovsky and Fund’s book releases June 10. It details the radical nest that the Justice Department has become. Their book echoes what I still hear from Justice Department employees across the Department still stuck working for a lawless radical attorney general: you simply cannot believe what is happening inside DOJ.

Eric Holder is Obama’s enforcer. The authors catalog Holder as an enforcer for a progressive gang spanning across all agencies of the federal government. Obama’s enforcer has successfully turned the power and prestige of the Justice Department into a radicalized agency for fundamental change. Holder is the enforcer that has used his power to turn America away from post-racial possibilities and toward race-obsessed legal policies. According to the authors, Holder is the single most important change agent inside the single most important change agency.

The book also covers territory never before touched – namely, why is Holder so radicalized?

I’ve worked at the Justice Department, written a New York Times bestseller about the DOJ, and never discovered what the authors reveal: how Holder’s wife played a central role in turning Holder into a racialist radical.

CaptureThe authors secured an interview with one of Holder’s old buddies – Craig Donsanto. Donsanto was a lawyer at the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section. Donsanto worked with Holder early in Holder’s DOJ career and spent many long days travelling with Holder on DOJ business. What Donsanto shares might explain Holder’s radicalism about race, most famously on display when he described “my people” before a committee of Congress.

Holder "changed" after his marriage, says Donsanto. Holder himself admitted that his wife has an "edge" that he doesn’t have because he "never saw the reality of racism or felt the insecurity that comes with it."

To think that a racialist African-American Lady Macbeth might have had her husband "screw"  his “courage to the sticking place” and use the Justice Department to push a radical racialized progressive agenda would be a terrible sort of modern American tragedy.

So who is Sharon Malone? For starters, she owns a building all too happy to house an abortion clinic run by an indicted abortionist. But like her husband’s Justice Department, race is Malone’s primary (and angry) focus. Malone’s sister was one of the first to enroll at the University of Alabama, something Holder is keen to remind people about even 51 years later.  From the book:

Sharon Malone is a doctor in Washington who is very involved with organizations like the Coalition of 100 Black Women and makes no secret of her anger at the wrongs her family and other black Americans suffered, "to which the American government was, I wouldn’t say complicit, but at least indifferent.”

Malone must not have learned at Harvard that the “American government” sunk the treasure of two generations to free black Americans, and sacrificed the lives of hundreds of thousands of men working for the American government. But Obama’s Enforcer doesn’t stop at documenting Malone’s bitterness about race.  She's also bitter toward America:

 Malone “drew a direct line from the sins of America’s racial past to the abuses of Guantanamo Bay detention center.”

Reading this part of Obama’s Enforcer, it isn’t hard to understand why Holder has upended civil rights law in the name of race, while at the same time supporting whatever is necessary to shut down Gitmo. In his family, the two are related.