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Exploiting Illegal Immigrants, Army Style

The Vietnam-era "Fortunate Son" narrative has come full circle: now Democrats like Congressman Gutierrez seek to fill the military with the uneducated, the poor, and the marginalized. He wants them to leave the shadows and go to boot camp. How can Congressman Luis Gutierrez, who champions having “a sense of solidarity with the undocumented,” exploit illegals in a way even the most wicked hotel or restaurant never could?

If Congressman Luis Gutierrez really feels a “human connection” to young men like Jose Gutierrez, recruiting them to the enlisted ranks of the military seems an odd way to show it.

To be clear, service in the armed forces isn’t something to be scorned or mocked as was so common during the Vietnam era. But those who still think the military preys on poor underprivileged minorities now have at least one example where it might be true, thanks to Congressman Luis Gutierrez.