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Jailbreak: Obama Releases 36,007 Criminal Aliens Into U.S.

The Obama administration picks and chooses what parts of laws they wish to enforce. The parts of immigration reform they like, they will enforce. The parts of the law the Republicans think will tighten border security or otherwise fix the "broken system," Obama will ignore.

That's another central feature of the age of Obama: kinglike disregard for statutes.

Does anyone believe this corrupting circumstance will abate much in a Republican administration? I don't. I've seen the mischief up close, even in a Republican administration.

The ministerial state has grown beyond the functional control of the political branches. Just look at the IRS abuse scandal. Washington bureaucrats no longer need guidance from the DNC to interfere with GOP policies during a GOP administration. The bureaucrats are on auto-pilot. There are simply too many activist federal employees for a GOP administration to reign in.

Woodrow Wilson's progressive dream of creating a ministerial state detached from the will of the people, detached from law, and detached from the Constitution has finally matured. Republicans who support immigration reform need to ask: what's left to trust?