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Key Lawyer in DOJ Office Charging Dinesh D'Souza is Obama Campaign Donor

Kennedy also had a meddlesome reputation among election lawyers at DOJ's Washington headquarters for imposing unconventional arrangements to micromanage election matters in Manhattan which were normally managed in Washington D.C.

Even if Kennedy is a financial supporter of President Obama and a proud loud liberal, there is nothing illegal about those donations and actions.

The Justice Department prohibits political involvement by employees in some DOJ components, but not District Election Officers even though electoral politics are central to the DEO job.

"While there is no doubt that federal employees are entitled to make political donations, DEOs – who make decisions on the investigation and prosecution of election crimes – should not make such donations,"  Von Spakovsky said.  "Doing so inevitably compromises their credibility and will raise the appearance of bias and a conflict of interest in the eyes of the public.”

The DOJ does not replace DEOs who make contributions to candidates.