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Don't Celebrate Eric Holder's Pending Departure

Radicals overseeing the prosecution of Gitmo terrorists will still tell line lawyers that the most important criteria in their work is how history and European nations view them.

The Civil Rights Division will still sue schools to allow boys to dress in drag.

New and creative ways to allow illegal aliens to remain in the country will be forwarded to front-line officers.

I could go on and on. The point is that nothing is going to change.

People who think Holder’s departure will mark a moment of sanity don’t understand the radical ideological virus that has raced through the DOJ bureaucracy. Holder’s thousands of underlings are on autopilot. They don't need orders. There are hundreds of political overseers who will hold the radical course.

Pam Karlan, the deputy assistant attorney general overseeing American elections, will still be an unrepentant liar, yet praised by all her fellow travelers.

United States attorneys will still instruct assistant United States attorneys to disregard sentencing standards and various federal laws when charging drug defendants.

It will all continue.

Worse, Obama could appoint an acting attorney general under the Vacancies Reform Act that need not obtain Senate confirmation. Just imagine that circus – an unconfirmed attorney general for a year, unaccountable to anyone except the West Wing.

So keep the champagne corked. Don’t toast Holder’s pending departure. As the Who sang, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”