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3 Reasons Why the Radical Anti-Discipline Policies at DOJ Will Outlast the Obama Era


2. Fear of Career

The second reason the GOP will have a hard time rolling back the radical Obama-era policies at DOJ is because many of those appointed to political positions will have a fear of the career DOJ employee. During the Bush years, when Attorney General Alberto Gonzales faced criticism from left-wing blogs and Democrats in Congress, his response, like Meridian's, was to cave.  He pushed power down, into the hands of these long-term career bureaucrats.  Worst of all, he was proud of it, and spoke openly about how important they were.  A number of other political appointees at the time advised him to do this.  Gonzales ignored the advice of those who told him to fight back against the left-wing attacks.

Depending on who the next GOP president is, expect some political appointees to be named who are afflicted with fear of the career DOJ employee. Instead of reversing these radical Obama-era polices, they will enshrine them and make them permanent through acquiescence.  Instead of boldly reversing these lawless policies, deference to institutional continuity will be more important to the ill-chosen political appointee.

As an aside, the PR mantra during the Alberto Gonzales era was not to respond to attacks coordinated by Democrats in Congress and far-left blogs. "That would just prolong the story," I heard many times.  They were stuck in a 1990s model of the news cycle.  Let's hope the next GOP administration learns something from the combat effectiveness of the Holder regime.

3. Consent Decrees

The final reason that the next GOP administration will have a hard time undoing the nutty radical policies of the Obama-era DOJ is the existence of consent decrees. These consent decrees don't vanish just because President Obama will in 2017.  They remain in force, and the next administration will still have to enforce them.

By now, those first learning about the radical racialist school discipline policies at DOJ should be more concerned about how they will be undone, rather than that they exist.


images courtesy shutterstock / Monkey Business Images /  spirit of america / CBS News