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3 Reasons Why the Radical Anti-Discipline Policies at DOJ Will Outlast the Obama Era


1. Imbedded Radicals at DOJ

Republicans make an enormous mistake to assume that Eric Holder is behind every bad idea and the bad policies end when the GOP takes control. Wrong. PJ Media has reported over the last three years about the radical transformation of the civil service taking place inside the Justice Department. These are career civil servants who cannot be removed from their positions easily, if at all. The radical anti-discipline policies are the concoction of the Educational Opportunities Section at the DOJ Civil Rights Division.

The Educational Opportunities Section has been filled up with radical leftist lawyers who will continue to push these policies from the ground up, even in a Republican administration. I saw it firsthand when I worked as a DOJ lawyer in the Bush administration. The best the GOP leadership could do in many instances was put out leftist fires. Debates over Supreme Court briefs and election policies always met with a well-entrenched chorus of leftist lawyers pushing policies at odds with the administration, and often the rule of law. Political overseers have ablative will. They can only resist so much.

Better yet, look at the biographies of the lawyers hired from 2009-2011 in the Education Opportunities Section. PJ Media went to court to obtain their resumes.

Their backgrounds are a stew of racial grievance, representing al-Qaeda terrorists, abortion radicalism, "Black Student Movements" and United Nations race activism directed at the United States. Now they are writing federal policies against school discipline.

They are also suing school districts. Consider Meridian, Mississippi. The DOJ pushed these nutty anti-discipline policies on Meridian in a federal lawsuit -- and Meridian caved to DOJ demands. You can read the consent order here.  (Consent = Meridian voluntarily agreed to the federal order curtailing school discipline.)

It's no accident that the attorneys behind the Meridian school discipline case are among those we featured in the PJ Media expose. The crackpot background of Section Chief Anurima Bhargava is too long and nutty to be repeated here.  Click the link for details. Even during the next GOP administration, Bhargava will have a job.