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Will Doug Kmiec Please Stand Up?

Make no mistake -- Obama went to the Planned Parenthood event this week because of the Gonsnell trial.  Planned Parenthood needed a cheerleader after a very bad month.

Obama wouldn't have it otherwise, for this is an administration that does not retreat from its most radical instincts.  A more reasonable, left-of-center president might have concluded it is bad form to appear at a Planned Parenthood event the very week that it refused to condemn vile murders that took place in a Philadelphia hell house.

But not Obama.  This is a man who nominates dishonest radicals for the cabinet like Thomas Perez who abuse peaceful pro-life clinic protesters.  This is a man unashamed to flaunt his radicalism to the radicals who understand and appreciate it, even while he speaks with a veneer of respectability so middle America won't understand what the radicals do.

So will Doug Kmiec finally stand up and denounce this enemy of the innocent?  Does Obama's appearance at Planned Parenthood this week, this awful week while the Gosnell trial winds down, finally give Kmiec the chance to admit he made a mistake in 2008?

Will Kmiec admit he made a mistake, not so much with his own embarrassing endorsement on Easter, but in his follow-up work to lure believers to vote for a man that has done more to harm unborn innocents than any president in history?

There is no better time than now, than this week.

We can watch Kmiec at his Twitter feed.  So far, no mention of Gosnell or Obama's Planned Parenthood appearance, or his mistakes in 2008.

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