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7 Reasons Not to Swallow Marco Rubio's Immigration Snake Oil

2. A False Sense of Security

This bill gives the secretary of DHS the power to certify the borders are secure. For beneficiaries to move from legalization to an easy path to citizenship, the secretary of DHS only needs to certify that a few new security “triggers” are in place.  The problem is that the triggers in the bill are not the tough measures Senator Rubio promised.

The bill does a good job of creating the illusion of greater security. For example, the bill only requires that the government have 90% control of “high risk border sectors” (where there are 30,000 or more apprehensions per year). It does not even require 90% control of the entire southern border, and says nothing about the porous northern border.

Also, the bill requires an entry-exit system to be established, but current law already calls for implementing a biometric entry-exit system so as to ensure the person leaving is the one who came.

Naturally, DHS has already failed to implement current biometric requirements. The bill builds on DHS failures and does not require the entry-exit system to be biometric.

Once the secretary of DHS says these easy triggers have been “substantially” met, the bill's legalization opens a path to citizenship for illegals. With that comes massive government benefits, including food stamps, Social Security, Obamacare, medicare, and other entitlement programs for aliens and their dependents.

Senator Rubio often talks about how those enjoying legalization cannot get government benefits, but he fails to mention that the benefits start full force in the bill in ten short years.

Senator Rubio’s spokesman accuses conservatives who oppose a path to citizenship of promoting “slavery.” Yet many aliens who have permanent resident status choose not to seek citizenship.