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Ted Cruz Won

What about support to delay Obamacare's implementation?  That's a ploy to save Obamacare.

Pay attention who is calling for a delay.  Partisans like Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), John Stewart, Wolf Blitzer and Robert Gibbs know a delay today means preservation tomorrow.  That's why they support it.   It is the modern Rope-a-Dope. Muhammad Ali famously employed his Rope-a-Dope to delay the fight, wear down, and eventually knock out his spent opponents.  Focusing on Obamacare's delay, and not its destruction, is an effort to preserve Obamacare.

Rope a Dope Rope a Dope.

Some in the GOP were annoyed by Ted Cruz leading the fight to defund Obamacare.  They claimed that if Cruz didn't muddy up the debate, the failures of Obamacare would have been cleanly on display during the program's rollout.  Right.

The failures have only gotten worse now that the shutdown is over.

So have at it.  Show us you're right.

The failures of Obamacare couldn't be worse.  Obamacare has become a punch line, a joke, a catastrophic catastrophe, squared.  So have at it.  Prove that a shutdown-less environment could lead to killing off the program.  Go win the narrative you said you could win.

But we may learn that the Cruz-led fight focused the nation on the failures of Obamacare in a way that no pundit or consultant can match.  If the Cruz-less narrative fails to win the field and end Obamacare, then Cruz wins yet again.