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Kimberlé Crenshaw's Toxic Race Tour at Cornell University

These are not just nutty notions, they are dangerous notions. They attempt to undo and unravel the meaning of words. They defy the truth. Treating people without regard to race is deconstructed to mean racism. Oceania has always been at war with East Asia, except when it wasn't.

Beware: these nutty and dangerous notions aren't confined to places like Cornell or  Crenshaw's classroom in Los Angeles. They are en vogue among growing numbers of lawyers and those who hold power. We saw it on display last week at the Supreme Court when Shanta Driver stood before the Supreme Court justices and proclaimed that the 14th Amendment doesn't apply to whites. Driver wasn't ashamed. She and thousands more share the same toxic belief. We see the belief manifest in the policies of the Justice Department.

Pay attention: Driver's client was "By Any Means Necessary."  They claimed that Michigan's ban on racial discrimination was, in fact, racial discrimination.

Freedom is slavery at last.

The "structure" that racialists like Driver and Crenshaw seek to undo is the primacy of truth.  They seek to deconstruct the meaning of words.  They seek to alter the meaning of the promises of equality in the Constitution.  They defy truth.  They disdain the individual dignity of every human, without regard to race.  History is full of people like Driver and Crenshaw, and they are a menace to individual liberty.  Sadly, college professors these days seem enamored with ideas that have created so much destruction across time.