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Kirkland and Ellis Represents Shirley Sherrod Against Breitbart's Widow ... for Free

So who are those clients? According to Kirkland's own website, some of them are:

Chiquita Bananas, Verizon, Coca-Cola, Boeing, Chevron, Avanade, Siemens AG, AOL, Hershey, Time Warner, ARAMARK, and ESL Partners LP.

Without paying clients, law firms like Kirkland cannot pursue pro bono litigation, including pro bono litigation against widows. Worthing notes another paying client of Kirkland and Ellis, one with some relevance to Andrew Breitbart:

I did learn that one of Soros’ companies was represented by them.

Maybe Coca-Cola and Hershey can be reassured that some other client is subsidizing the lawsuits against Sherrod and North Carolina. But will conservative media stand by while the widow of one of their own is gobbled up by a heartless, vindictive lawsuit?

I suspect not.