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Government Graft, Corruption, and Retaliation in Democrat-Run Virginia

Alexandria Mayor William Euille (D) and the six members of City Council (D,D,D,D,D,D) have been successful in keeping the story out of the news.  They have avoided public scrutiny as to why they are standing by a city employee—McPike—who allowed graft and corruption to occur in city contracting.  Alexandrians, it seems, don't care much about a lost million here, another million there.

Mayor Bill Euille Mayor Bill Euille

Moreover McPike has cost the city no less than $51,000 in legal fees to date to defend his abusive conduct.   Amazingly, McPike is still employed by the city and none of the city leadership have spoken out about the mess.

Whistleblowers like Henry Lewis are true friends to those of us who expect open and transparent government.  Whistleblowers tell the taxpayers what is really going on inside government.

But without the backing of the general public, our elected officials will assume that their misdeeds will go unnoticed and unpunished.  That would be a very bad precedent to set at all levels of government.

Mayor Bill Euille ([email protected]) probably thinks he is immune from accountability.  America is saddled with hundreds or thousands of other elected Bill Euilles, driving the nation deeper into debt and fostering corruption while hardworking taxpayers suffer.