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Justice for Trayvon, Race-Hustler Style

Malik Zulu Shabazz has a long history of ginning up racially charged fairy tales of criminal conduct.  He showed up in Durham, North Carolina, and helped spin a defamatory tale about the Duke lacrosse team that wrecked lives.  Establishment media have forgotten that earlier cry of wolf.

No matter.  Consider the response of Ted Williams to the obnoxious and shifting testimony of star witness Jeantel on On the Record with Greta: "I think there may be some kind of quote unquote cultural divide because of how she talks."  Does the "cultural divide" account for lying?

Even evolving inconsistent and possibly dishonest testimony is excused through a racial explanation.

The George Zimmerman trial has become O.J. 2.0, except this time the racially guilty is in the docks.  The worm has turned.

Let's presume Zimmerman is acquitted.  Will the race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Malik Zulu Shabazz stand down?  Will the destroyed credibility of the star witness Jeantel temper their response before they incite the mobs to action as we've seen after other verdicts?  Will DOJ arrive in Sanford, this time to ensure storefronts aren't smashed and bricks aren't used to bash in the brains of innocent truckers?

Somehow I doubt it.  We've seen this script before.  It's important for the actors to stay in character -- and moderation and truth aren't part of the role.

The race hustlers should beware.  Americans are growing weary of the obsession of explaining moral choices through a racial context. Most of us have been raised to understand human behavior as a series of individual choices -- good and bad.  Consequences follow those choices.  The incessant agenda to ascribe racial explanations to human behavior -- whether pulling a trigger, or lying on the stand isn't American-style  justice. It's immoral.  It's justice, race-hustler style; and it has overstayed its welcome.