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Review: Sagebrush Rebel - Reagan's Revolution Against Radical Environmentalists


Because Reagan’s America was economically stronger than Carter’s America, the energy-fueled economic expansion affected the Cold War. The inefficiencies of the Soviet Union could not compete with America’s expanding energy output.

Pendley also reminds readers of the uncompromising nature of environmentalists. He recounts Reagan’s recognition of their lack of good faith: The environmentalists, Reagan said, “won’t be happy until the White House looks like a bird’s nest.”

Modern environmentalists aren’t interested in compromise with industry or a government that respects the concerns of all stakeholders. They desire complete victory, even if it means whole industries vanish.

Like so much about Sagebrush Rebel, targets of the new environmental religion will find lessons throughout Pendley’s book. Sagebrush Rebel tells how one principled man and his confidence in the power of American potential could flip the radical environmentalist narrative and make daily life better for all Americans.


Cross-posted at PJ Lifestyle. 

images courtesy shutterstock / Tomas1111 / Shai_Halud