Racial Smears of Conservatives by Conservatives

In other words, federal law recognizes that past generational experiences can impair a minority's present-day ability to participate in politics.  While it is the law, this factor has always struck me as the sort of thing the critics now howl about regarding Richwine. Naturally, they are entirely silent regarding Senate Factor Five, and the ACLU and NAACP will probably use the factor shortly in another voting case.

Eric Holder's Justice Department won't because it seems to have given up enforcing Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, once again without a whisper of criticism from the Left.

One of the most uncomfortable parts of immigration reform for me is the extent to which the champions have joined with the ugly, malicious, nasty, repugnant, wicked, and destructive racial Left to push the bill.  Nothing good ever comes from confederacies of convenience with those uncivil monsters.  Whatever Richwine's dissertation says, it has nothing to do with the data in the Heritage study.

If you are a purported conservative or Republican supporting Senator Marco Rubio's bill, don't let your newfound friends on the racial Left rub off on you.  If you do, go all in, and go away.

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