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Tom Perez and More Justice Department Lies

DOJ has equipment and security systems available for attorneys who wish to do DOJ work at home.  It allows them to log into a secure server using high-security log-in protocols.  Perez could have accessed his DOJ email at home in Takoma Park by using this system.  He never needed to use his own Verizon email account.  And he knew it.

The reason he used his home email account when a required secure protocol was in place is obvious.  He wanted to skirt federal laws which ensure transparency and shield his work from the Freedom of Information Act.  When asked about this behavior, he lied to Congress.

Lied, you ask?

Yes.  He said he couldn’t recall using his home Verizon email account.  The problem for the Labor secretary nominee is that he did it over 1,200 times, and now he is fighting subpoenas to turn over the private emails related to DOJ.

Tom Perez has a habit of not being forthright to Congress and other investigative committees, even when under oath.  Someone with so much trouble with the truth doesn’t deserve elevation to higher office.