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Does Obama Care More About Benghazi Families, or Himself?

West Wing advisor Rhodes is an ideological activist who has risen above his level of competency. (On Twitter, he is @Rhodes44.) He is the author of the catastrophic Cairo apology speech. Rhodes was a leading advocate of dumping Mubarak, the man who kept the Islamic radicals at bay in Egypt for decades and kept the peace with Israel. Rhodes was born in 1977, so he doesn't remember a world before the Camp David Accords where the United States brokered peace between Egypt and Israel, where Mubarak became our man in Cairo.

Rhodes wanted Libya to look like a success, and that's why he didn't want a large military footprint in the country. That footprint is what was lacking while the four brave Americans vainly fought for their lives on September 11, 2012.

They died because of the mistakes of Rhodes and others.

They were mistakes of policy, philosophy, and ultimately inaction, and fueled by an aversion to American power. And now, we learn from Stephen Hayes at the Weekly Standard, Rhodes is also involved with the deception and cover-up.

Officials like Ben Rhodes have a pride of authorship that will cause them to misbehave and deceive. They authored the Obama narrative on the Middle East; they also authored the mess we are in. On September 11, 2012, the mess was revealed, and since then Rhodes and those in power have deceived all of us because they wanted to keep that power.

It doesn't hurt that Rhodes' brother is the president of CBS News.

On Wednesday, we'll see America at her best, when regular citizens make choices that will become history. On Wednesday, men who care more about the truth and the Benghazi families than the president and Ben Rhodes do will testify.