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Pay Attention: CO Democrats Using Election Process to Enshrine Power

Which brings us back to Colorado. Like so many of these election-process fights, Republicans are unwitting dupes of the Left.  Either they don't understand the ground beneath them is moving very deliberately, or they are too lazy to do anything about it, or they simply adopt the cause of their enemies.

In Colorado, two Republican election clerks who have joined with Democrats to help pass this catastrophic bill are Jefferson County Clerk Pamela Anderson (303-271-8186) and Mesa County Clerk Sheila Reiner (970-244-1662). They were instrumental in drafting the bill, according to emails obtained by PJ Media.

Pam Anderson

Reiner recently said in an interview that she thinks she should be immune from criticism for helping draft the bill: “I think we should be able to support it without consequences."

Sheila Reiner

In America, more than any nation that ever existed, there are consequences when government officials do bad things.  Accountability is central to preserving limited government. In the emails obtained by PJ Media, Reiner and Anderson are intimately involved in crafting the language of the Democrats' bill. The emails show the pair working with a clerk's association lobbyist named Michael Beasley.

Sources tell me Beasley is a long-time Republican.

The Left understands election-process issues are existential for all other issues. For some reason, the other side is suicidal.