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7 Reasons Not to Swallow Marco Rubio's Immigration Snake Oil

7. Creating Endless Waivers, Exceptions, and Exclusions

The 844-page bill has over 400 waivers, exceptions, and exclusions. It gives enormous power to the secretary of DHS to waive almost any requirements that the bill imposes.

Giving bureaucrats the power to waive laws is a characteristic of Eastern Bloc and third-world regimes. The favored enjoy the suspension of the law. The unfavored must comply.

Current immigration law follows the American model, which gives the DHS secretary extremely limited powers.

Senator Rubio constantly emphasizes that aliens must work to be eligible for legalization and to get on a path to citizenship. But the bill allows DHS to exclude anyone who could not work because of “hardship” or simply “due to circumstances outside the control of the alien”  (page 102).

Tough economy? I’ll bet that’s a circumstance “outside the control” of an alien to Big Sis.

Also, the bill guts most state laws that prohibit the employment of illegal aliens. The anti-Arizona crowd stuck that into the bill.

The bill says an alien can be deported for willfully refusing to comply with law enforcement and security background checks. But then it gives DHS the power to waive these checks, and allows DHS to do so not only for individual aliens but for broad classes of aliens (page 634).

Over and over and over the bill provides tough talking points – border security, background checks, and more. But hidden next to those talking points are off-switches that bureaucrats can flip to satisfy the leftist open-borders constituencies who wrote the bill.

The bill makes America less safe, not more. It does nothing to fix our immigration system. It makes it much worse.

Senator Rubio has said in recent days that if the bill needs changes to better protect America's safety and security, he is open to that. If he is serious, he should scrap this bill and start over and this time work with Republicans on immigration reform.

More at the Tatler: Audio Essay: Immigration: Can We Get It Right This Time?


images courtesy shutterstock / oliveromg / ostill /  byphoto