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7 Reasons Not to Swallow Marco Rubio's Immigration Snake Oil

6. Expanding Asylum

The terrorists who committed the Boston bombings got permanent legal status in the United States from their parents being granted asylum after fleeing Dagestan, Russia. Even after gaining this permanent legal status, they simply moved back to Russia voluntarily to do heaven knows what.

The bill would make it easier for aliens to get asylum. It eliminates the one-year window to ask for asylum (page 551). Someone should know they are refugees on the first day they arrive in the United States. The bill even allows aliens denied refugee status in the past to reopen it and start all over (page 552). It also empowers the president to grant refugee status to entire classes of immigrants, not just individuals.

Now we learn the Boston terrorists were not only granted asylum, they were on the dole.

Also, the bill would give the attorney general broad power to appoint attorneys at government expense for any aliens or classes of aliens he decides are “particularly vulnerable” (page 568). Current law gives aliens the right to counsel but not at taxpayer expense. This is more graft for the left-wing immigration bar.

The bill makes it more complicated and costly to eject an alien who is denied asylum. The bill grants aliens the right to have all of their immigration court appeals reviewed by a 3-member panel on the administrative appeals board. Right now, only one is required.

What is good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. If the government must appeal a case, they only get to have a single judge review the appeal.