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7 Reasons Not to Swallow Marco Rubio's Immigration Snake Oil

3. Undermining Immigration Enforcement

When it comes to interfering with front-line immigration officers, the bill goes from bad to worse. It ties the hands of law enforcement and prevents them from doing their jobs. It infers that the men in uniform aren’t to be trusted. That’s why the federal immigration officers’ union strongly opposes it.

The bill prohibits immigration officers from apprehending anyone who “appears eligible” for legalization for the two and one-half years that aliens could apply for it (page 69-70). It prohibits aliens from being deported until all their appeals up to and including the federal courts are exhausted years and years into the future. During all of this time, they cannot be detained, apparently even if they are criminals (page 73). It even requires that immigration officers help aliens apply, and spends large sums of money advertising the legalization program  (page 93).

Anytime the federal government requires marketing to minority communities, millions of dollars flow into politically friendly radio and print companies.

Moreover, if an alien applies for legalization, the bill makes the application secret and states that it can never be used by DHS to deport him, even if he is denied under the program (page 118). DHS cannot even provide information from the application in immigration court. This is an open invitation for applicants to commit fraud with no consequences.

The bill discourages DHS from deporting aliens even if they are denied legalization.

The bill seems to assume that immigration agents are lawless characters. This is a favorite narrative of the open-borders left.

The bill requires immigration officers to be trained by the assistant attorney general for civil rights and his lawyers (page 49).  The current holder of that office is the radical Thomas Perez, and the ideological hiring within his agency has been covered extensively here at PJ Media. This is the same agency that has a “National Origin Working Group” that meets to do whatever it can to roll out the welcome mat to illegal aliens. The bill wants the radicals inside DOJ's most radical division to train front-line law enforcement officers.

The bill creates an Oversight Task Force at the southern border to protect “due process” which must include as members “civil rights activists” that can hold hearings and demand information from DHS (page 51). The message that would be sent to immigration agents would be unmistakable: do nothing at all.