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Where Is Obama's Moral Clarity on North Korea?

Speaking these truths directly to the victims of communism made peace more likely, even as the domestic left warned that such clarity was destabilizing.

The cheapest and most peaceful way for the crisis on the Korean peninsula to diffuse is for the slaves of Kim Jong-Un to throw off their slavemaster and join the ranks of people who have emerged from the darkness of communism to the light of freedom.

This cannot happen if the American president fails to speak with moral clarity. One wonders whether Obama is even capable of rhetorically elevating America's status as a beacon of liberty. After all, his formative years and most of his political career were devoted to cataloging problems and grievances with America, and demanding transformative breaks from the past.

But circumstances in Korea demand that this president mature, and quick. Even if regime change isn't in the offing, moral clarity informs American might. It's time for Obama to abandon his silly flirtation with American nuclear disarmament. And most of all, it's time to talk about the blessings of human liberty, and how liberty is obtainable, even to Korean slaves.

Providence gave the dull grey enslaved world Ronald Reagan's voice of hope, and the world changed. It's time this President learn something from a man whose legacy he has thus far rejected at every turn.

Also read Bryan Preston on what a war in North Korea would look like.