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All the President's Thugs

You, of all people, threatened by a Democrat White House.

And where are your defenders? Where are the new hipster reporters of the left to defend you? Where have all the flowers gone, they used to ask.

But this is serious stuff. When the elder statesman of the industry that guards the First Amendment is threatened by the White House, it marks a dangerous turn.When other "reporters"  join in, it is even more dangerous.

Perhaps this will be enough for the usual phalanx of fools at places like Mother Jones, TPM Muckraker, and The Nation to at last wonder if we've come full circle back to those days of righteous triumphs in August 1974. Outrage toward abuse of power was so in vogue. Where is the righteous indignation that seized a nation beginning in May 1973?

Maybe it was all a show, Bob.

Did the wave you started have more to do with the "R" after Nixon's name than principle?

With you, I'd say it was principle. But with the rest of the liberal left, it's starting to look like poor Dick Nixon got a raw deal compared to this mischief of rats.

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