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PJ Media Interviews the Amazing Kreskin About America's Future

PJ Media: Is David Letterman as much of a jackass in person as he seems to be on TV?

Kreskin: I don’t feel that way about him.

As promised, Kreskin gave me four predictions for the nation:

1. Within a couple of years, Teddy’s Roosevelt’s dream will come true. There will be a viable third party.

2. Gambling is going to get out of control.

3. There will be a machine that can clue into peoples thoughts, where salesmen will be clued into what people really want.

4. Drugs will be legalized to get the profit out of the game.

Conversations with Kreskin can be found at Amazon.com.


Cross-posted at PJ Lifestyle

Image courtesy shutterstock / Steshkin Yevgeniy