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Will Republicans Be Duped on Immigration?

The administration is also suing states that want to help it enforce the immigration laws, while no suits follow against “sanctuary cities” that hold themselves out as safe havens for illegal aliens.

If that doesn’t make it clear to Republicans what the core ideological worldview of the Obama administration is, nothing will.

Republicans who support legalization say it must be contingent on securing the borders and tracking whether legal immigrants have left the country when their visas expire. Yet, in spite of Congress’s huge investment of resources in recent years, the federal government is not even close to achieving either of these goals.

Requiring a secure border in legislation will mean nothing in the real world. The modern Democrat Party views law as a nuisance, something to be worked around, ignored, or twisted in a fashion to match ideological ends. Republicans who don’t realize that haven’t been paying attention.

Pay attention to the administration’s arguments that nothing needs to be legislated regarding border security. They are plainly articulating the administration’s worldview. What will change when some Republicans add words to a bill, words which will be ignored?

The Obama administration only gives lip service to greater border security by calling for minor increases in manpower and technology at the border.

Can Republicans really be bought off so cheaply by adding meaningless words to legislation about border security?  Congress cannot effectively force the executive branch to enforce the laws it passes, and certainly not in the area of immigration.  So the price paid by the Democrats for immigration reform will be negligible.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program proves my point. This is for those who came to the United States before they were adults and are now under the age of 31. The administration has approved over 150,000 applications under the program.

Guess how many applications the Obama administration has denied?  Not one.

Immigration agents report to me that they are being forced by their political leadership to look the other way against those who simply claim they qualify for it.  It makes it plain the rancid, lawless approach of the officials in charge.  Why would the situation improve by adding some words to a bill?

If a bill passes this year, the Obama administration will enforce the laws only against a select few just as they are doing now.  It is part of a public-relations ruse: pluck out a few enforcement examples to conceal a lawless disregard for immigration statutes.

The last mass amnesty in 1986 was effective in legalizing millions (including many who were not eligible) but entirely ineffective in addressing illegal immigration.  Yet the same promises to enforce border security were made in 1986.  The problem of illegal immigration only grew worse.

Despite the best of intentions, Republican proponents of amnesty made more acceptable by promises of border security today will see only half of the deal implemented, the amnesty part.  Except this time the risk is existential for the Republican Party.  The Democrats know most of these 14 million new citizens will be voting for Democrats.  The irony will be that the Republican rush to compromise with the lawless may mean the end of the GOP's long-term electoral relevance.