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Chairman Paul Ryan, Meet DOJ Lawyer Daniel Freeman

Since you chair the Budget Committee, perhaps you can help out Rep. Trey Gowdy and Senator Lindsey Graham. See, both of them have demanded that Eric Holder provide them the approval memo, but naturally Holder has refused, twice. Perhaps your office can help get the information since they have ignored Gowdy and Graham’s request.

Freeman also led DOJ’s Section 5 attack against Texas voter ID.

In Pennsylvania, Freeman’s 2012 DOJ attack turned into a DCCC fundraising letter within hours.

Obviously, Freeman’s employer has enormous power over the conduct of elections. And Freeman’s inaugural outburst is not the exception for Voting Section lawyers. You can order up my book Injustice from the Library of Congress and see the photographs of Obama campaign posters adorning lawyer offices at the DOJ Voting Section.

That’s just the partisan tip of the Democrat iceberg.

Don’t be fooled by members of the House Judiciary Committee who sing the praises of DOJ’s enforcement of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. Section 5 has become a partisan weapon used by the DOJ civil service against Republicans and election integrity. The boos manifest themselves as DOJ Voting Section policy over and over again against conservatives, Republicans, and election integrity.

And don’t assume Freeman’s rude behavior towards you will hurt his career. The opposite is true. Even though some managers in the Voting Section recognize Freeman is arrogant and difficult to deal with, they think he is good with data. Most of all, the political appointees treasure a fellow traveler in the career ranks.

I expect Freeman will get a cash award next October at the DOJ Civil Rights Division awards ceremony, unless of course your committee passes a proviso clamping down on cash awards.

Holder even gives cash awards to liberal Civil Rights Division lawyers who lose cases! (Gotta read Injustice for that one, sorry).

More than likely, Freeman will get promoted as soon as some of the more sensible managers in the Voting Section leave or are forced out (like the ones who recommended approval of South Carolina’s law).

Freeman’s career at DOJ will not suffer. His outburst is the symptom of a deeper problem – a career civil service at the powerful Civil Rights Division ideologically militant against conservatives and the rule of law. His bosses will feel pride at his outburst, not shame.

Don’t make the mistake that some of your GOP colleagues in the House have made: when you deal with Holder’s Civil Rights Division, you are not dealing with fair, impartial law enforcement officials.

If you’d prefer to ask Freeman directly why he was so rude to you, he can be reached at 202-305-4355 or [email protected] But forget about Twitter. Freeman’s account was deleted after his incivility became national news yesterday.

Good luck, and sorry about the boos from the civil service. I promise, in time, they are really great fun.


J. Christian Adams