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Danny DeVito's Union Thugs and Tuesday's Vote

Did the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights care about “election protection" then? Did the NAACP issue statements condemning the use of purple-shirt muscle from blocking the polls? Did Demos, Common Cause, or the League of Women Voters issue a report in 2004 about “Bullies at the Ballot Box”?

Of course not. Because every last one of these rotted groups exist to help Democrats, period. They have lost the moral high ground they held a generation ago and are now partisan tools and officers in Obama’s thugocracy.

The SEIU folks, the foot soldiers in the thugocracy who were blocking voters in Florida, are not only silent in 2012, they are now sending threatening letters to True the Vote. The SEIU is suddenly concerned about people feeling intimidated at the polls by elderly poll watchers with clipboards trained by True the Vote.

That’s what thugs do: engage in thuggery, and then claim your opponent is doing it.

America take note. These are the hard cold facts. A vast Machine exists to push the election outcome in one direction. The Machine includes partisan organizations masquerading as civil rights groups. It champions an attorney general and president schooled in the hard arts of racial community organizing. It benefits from election bureaucrats who turn a blind eye toward lawbreakers and polluted voter rolls. Hollywood stars like Danny DeVito and Cher lead the attack on law-abiding Americans who stand up for the Rule of Law. And stooges in the media gobble up the narrative of the law breakers.

The only thing left to oppose this Machine, this corrosion of law and liberty, is you. Tuesday is the day you get to decide whether America is a land where a thugocracy can flourish, or whether freedom’s holy light will thrive. The founders of this great land foresaw a day like November 6, 2012. Every patriot who came before you acted. Now it is your turn.

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