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Video: Reporter Asking Questions Threatened by Eric Holder's Bodyguard

Schoffstall tried to learn the content of the 2:30 meeting which took place on Monday between Attorney General Holder and the approximately 70 DOJ attorneys and staff charged with enforcing federal election law over the next two weeks.

At issue is whether it is appropriate for the attorney general to travel to meet with these lawyers, allow them to pose for individual, personalized pictures with him, and give them instructions -- all within days of an election when Holder’s own job is on the line.

Holder is a vocal critic of the Bush administration’s alleged “politicization” of the Justice Department Voting Section.

Schoffstall sought to learn the content of Holder’s discussions with the Voting Section staff to determine if he was making statements that could encourage bias in the enforcement of federal election laws to help President Obama’s reelection.

Holder’s instructions and comments to the Voting Section would naturally be seen as “marching orders” to the DOJ staff. For example, many left-wing groups have falsely characterized the activities of Tea Party and conservative groups this election cycle as targeting minorities. Holder’s views and instructions could influence the enforcement of federal election laws in the remaining two weeks and aid President Obama's reelection.

Schoffstall sought access to Holder’s comments and instructions to these attorneys, but was denied. At the meeting, Voting Section attorneys and staff gave Holder a standing ovation. When Schoffstall afterwards asked Holder whether such a meeting and private photo opportunities were inappropriate, Schoffstall was confronted and intimidated by Holder’s uniformed escort.

PJ Media has previously reported on the extreme ideological biases of the attorneys hired by Eric Holder to staff the Voting Section in the PJ Media Every Single One series. Eric Holder's Justice Department has refused to enforce Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act despite millions of ineligible voters on the rolls nationwide and dismissed claims against the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation in 2009.