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More on Eric Holder's Flying Monkeys at Media Matters

But DOJ's wicked attack operative moves onto other targets, such as those exposing the bloody Fast and Furious program, this time aided by Media Matters' flying monkey Matt Gertz:

Schmaler reached out to Gertz on March 12, 2012 seemingly to suggest an article attacking Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips for his public comments about Operation Fast and Furious. At the time, Phillips was pressing GOP leadership to take action on the gunwalking scandal. During a Fox News interview, Phillips said Fast and Furious “should be investigated, but we also have to remember the program itself was a partisan program.”

Schmaler obtained a transcript of Phillips’ whole broadcast segment and sent it to Gertz in an 11:55 a.m. email on March 12, asking, “You see this?”

“[C]ompletely false,” Schmaler wrote of Phillips’ allegation. “[W]ide receiver and Hernandez put this to a lie. There’s been lots of coverage on previous bush operations…”

“Thanks,” Gertz responded one minute later. . . .

At 4:05 p.m. the same day Gertz and Schmaler were emailing about Judson Phillips, Media Matters’ Chris Brown wrote a blog entry attacking Phillips for his televised appearance.

Notice how Gertz is at Schmaler's beck and call.  As I wrote previously, he responds obediently and quickly to Schmaler.

Gertz’s email forwards his attack on Pavlich to Schmaler. He wanted to make sure Schmaler at central command saw his good work. . . . Gertz sends this email a mere “1 minute” after his piece posted.  A good monkey promptly alerts Master.

Gertz also provided quick reports to Schmaler about his attacks on PJ Media's Andy McCarthy, Town Hall's Katie Pavlich, Breitbart's Joel Pollack, and Megyn Kelly of Fox News.

All of this raises an important question: how did the United States Department of Justice become so intertwined with one of the most venomous, dishonest, and radical Websites? Back in 2008, we heard so much empty rhetoric from one campaign about how they would take politics out of the Justice Department. Like so much from that camp, time reveals it was all projection.  They have engaged in a level of raw politics that their GOP opponents couldn't even conceive of.

And where are the once outraged reporters like Greg Gordon, so quick to cover any whiff of skullduggery or politics at the Bush Justice Department? Of course they are nowhere to be found, because they agree with what is happening.

More: Emails Show Holder Justice Department Colludes with Lefist Outfit to Attack PJM Writer