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Losing It in Charlotte

The “Ride for Justice” bus from "No Papers, No Fear" rolled into Charlotte to keep the fiasco humming.  This outfit is an illegal alien pressure group.  Yes, in 2012, we now have open and well-funded organizations representing people committing crimes. In fact, the bus was full of illegal aliens openly touting their illegal status!  Naturally, they were welcomed with open arms by the DNC because they are supporting President Obama’s lawless immigration policies.  Local authorities arrested ten of them outside the convention for state crimes and turned them over to federal authorities, who then promptly released them.

Lawlessness has become policy. Instead of the radicals tearing Chicago apart, they now have the power to order the release of lawbreakers.

No fiasco is complete without Joe Biden.  Even Biden’s dad, the vice president told us, respected President Obama.  Joseph Biden Sr. must have come to this conclusion on a trip to Springfield, Illinois, to meet state Senator Obama prior to 2002 when Biden the elder died.

Charlotte also revealed the lie of the post-racial Obama presidency.  On the floor, delegates openly sported “Vote Black” buttons.

I was reminded of a Voting Rights Act case I tried in Mississippi where the United States actually put up nearly identical evidence to demonstrate the rotten racial intent of a Democrat operative named Ike Brown. “Keep Hope Alive, Vote Black in ’95” was his message. That sentiment isn’t confined to the bowels of Mississippi anymore. Now some of the elite of the Democrat Party have made the November election all about race. America, take careful note.  (Of course this unapologetic racialism was no surprise to me or anyone else who has read my book Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department.)

But booing God will be the image from the Charlotte fiasco that will last longer than all the rest.  This week, America saw a new kind of Democrat Party, one totally unmoored from the long cultural traditions of Democrats and Republicans alike.

The Charlotte screenplay borrowed from the Gospels, where delegates weren’t content to deny God’s return to the platform only once.  Three times they yelled – “NO!!  NO!!” – not me, never heard of the guy.

At least Peter felt ashamed after his three denials. I doubt very much the clowns captured on TV standing and yelling “NO” as loudly as they could feel any shame. And because Los Angles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa literally had the single vote and predetermined outcome scripted on his teleprompter, it makes you wonder who’s doing these rewrites.