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How to Replace Eric Holder, President Romney Style

Katsas is a partner at the law firm Jones Day. Katsas served as the assistant attorney general for the Civil Division in the Bush (43) Justice Department and later as the acting associate attorney general – the third-ranking DOJ official. He is a genuine patriot, brilliant lawyer, and seasoned DOJ vet. He argued against Obamacare at the Supreme Court. While he was the acting associate AG, Katsas gained firsthand understanding of the lawless and business-killing mischief the Civil Rights Division is capable of. In the Clinton years, Eric Holder served in the slot just above the associate attorney general and went to a D.C. law firm afterwards. Katsas shares the same career trajectory as Holder, but without Holder’s baggage, and with brilliance and talent Holder never had.

Former Deputy Attorney General Mark Filip left a lifetime appointment on the federal bench to join the Justice Department in March 2008. He is widely respected for his strong commitment to national security and law and order. But he also has firsthand familiarity with the left-wing rot in the DOJ. Indeed, it was Filip and Attorney General Michael Mukasey who exposed the militant liberal biases of the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and, in particular, OPR attorney Tamara Kessler. Kessler tried to improperly castigate John Yoo for his analysis of the legality of enhanced interrogation techniques. (Ironically, although Kessler’s report was subsequently repudiated, she is now the head of the office overseeing civil rights and civil liberties at the recently befouled Department of Homeland Security.)

Finally, Michael Mukasey deserves further mention. Mukasey is a man of great integrity who “restored” the Justice Department once before. The prior “restoration” was really just a warm-up for 2013 and I can’t think of anyone better suited to clean up the disaster left by the current attorney general. Mukasey is solid on terror policy. (Watch this amazing 2012 speech by Mukasey on radical Islam at the Republican National Lawyers Association meeting.) Yet some former DOJ officials I spoke to about this story replied Mukasey was “not good” on issues of race. Perhaps so, perhaps not. But one thing is for sure, Mukasey has a deep and abiding respect for the rule of law. He brings integrity to anything he touches. And he knows lawlessness when he sees it, and these days, that is the problem inside this Justice Department. One need not be on a crusade to stamp out race-based preferences to see that a racialist policy infuses Eric Holder’s DOJ. Don’t forget, Mukasey’s Justice Department approved the case against the New Black Panther Party. His Justice Department would have seen it through. Holder's did not.

So take your pick: Horne, Kyl, Cornyn, Bachmann, Katsas, Filip, or Mukasey. Any of them are better than some of the other names being mentioned, names that frequently are associated with defense of race-based preferences, ideological elasticity, fear of the left, or deference to bureaucrats. Any of the seven would be the right kind of person to reverse four years of ideological and racial corruption under Eric Holder.

But if you think you have a better idea, add it to the comments section below.