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Million-Dollar Racial Incitement Against Law-Abiding Poll Watchers

Here’s the problem. Those poll watchers – which News21 simply must identify as white like some crime report from 1961 ("A negro robbed a woman...") – have a right to be in the polls under state law to observe the election. News21’s funders might not like the fact that tens of thousands of law-abiding citizens will be in the polls all over the nation this fall to ensure that crimes don’t occur and laws are followed. But the poll watchers in the story did nothing wrong.

Except, of course, they were white. What more do you need?

News21 published the racial paranoia of Jamila Gatlin as if there was not a whiff of crazy in it. To college kids, heads filled with all species of racial grievance, perhaps there wasn’t. But to the rest of us adults who live in a multi-racial country with hundreds of interactions in a week with people of all races, Gatlin sounds nuts.

Worse than nuts, actually. She sounds like the segregationist from 1950s Mississippi. A black person ‘round here? How dare they.  Somebody do something!

Khan and Vicens should be ashamed of themselves. But they won’t be. They will email their story to friends, family, and fellow travelers with the implication they did a great job. They are soldiers on a mission no different than any political operative. They seek to excite the Democrat base because they want Democrats to win. And no matter the trappings, no matter the fancy academic mothership at Arizona State University, that’s exactly what News21 is. Republicans and conservatives best take careful note and respond accordingly.